Day 109, September 4th 2008, beginning in Redondo Beach, California

Eager for the idea of breakfast the girls had conjured up in my head the night before, I roused everyone so we could get going to breakfast. Mimi agreed to let us use her car to get to Disney… oh yeah, I forgot to mention. We were going to Disney. A coast to coast Disney tour is really what it came down to as we nearly started and nearly ended with Disney. … Anyway, back to my ever elusive train of thought. Everyone came to, and we headed off to breakfast.

The breakfast was really good and we were treated with some extra goodies. Unfortunately not everyone eats as quickly as I, so I waited around the table with visions of Mickey and Pluto dancing in my head, while the normal humans finished their food. We went back home with Danielle and said bye to Tamara.

We hopped in Mimi's mini cooper, and floored it (just kidding) to Disney. We didn't hit any traffic, so we made good time. Half of the wait was driving around these massive parking structures once we got into the park. It was a Thursday in September, not exactly peak season.

We were very appreciative for the tickets from Marky Mark Ceglarski, our former (and forever) teammate on the trip who had procured a couple of tickets, before we entered the park. However, we were much more appreciative once we got there. They were accepting cash,credit, or your soul. Thanks again.

The Thursday in September worked to our advantage once inside as lines were virtually non existent. We did pretty much everything in both parks with time left over to spare. I wasn't as trigger happy as the first Disney escapade of the trip, so I don't have pictures from every 5 steps, which must have been a factor.

After we were all parked out, we went to Downtown Disney to get some food. We got some Jamba Juice and Mexican. Two of my most favorite foods. Downtown Disney has such a nice ambiance, we just sat around taking it in for a while. Paul even tried out to act as an over zealous Mickey fan for a Disney commercial. Still waiting on a callback. I think he sold it.

There were also amazing musicians all over, and one particular violinist (is that right?) who was really talented. He was so good that broke ass Paul bought his CD for something like $15. The guy was amazing. We actually talked to him for a while about our bike trip in between his sessions.

We left DD, and headed back to Redondo. I figured I should replace Paul's shades and the ones that I had lost, so we went to the place where those who care most about optics go…. Target. We were able to get a couple of aviators for $12 total, that would come to use as both protection from the sun, and for Top Gun lookalike poses. Very important. Side note: you should know that as I'm writing this in Boston I have since misplaced my shades again.

Anyway, when we got back from Target, everyone was in bed. We were pretty tired too, so we flicked on the tele and fell asleep to something we would turn off at 4:00 in the morning. Disney was a lot of fun, and tomorrow we would be back on the road for new experiences.

Life was good.

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  1. I gotta tell you Chris, without the blog I'd know so very little! It appears you guys had so much fun and made the best of everything ~ embracing the moments, the company and life. Having been living vicariously thru you both for so many months, I'm slowly withdrawing from your travels and reading these blogs sporadically now has become my little fix.
    Hope all is and are well, Nina

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