Day 110, September 5th 2008, beginning in Redondo Beach, California

I got up and wrote some blogs since I had been falling behind. Danielle had gone to class, and Miriam to work. The house was vacant as we prepared to leave. Something didn't feel right since Paul and I didn't have a chance to say goodbye. After some deliberating, we decided to stay to another day, and say goodbye the right way.

After I wrote a blog or two, Paul used the computer to make a Facebook invitation to a coming home party at his house. Now I realize why everyone organizes their entire life through Facebook since it only took him about 3 hours to get halfway done with it. Sweet. We did sort of model the invitation on a Top Gun theme, so we figured an appropriate picture was necessary with our new shades.

Danielle returned from school and asked us if we would want to meet her friend out for some food later. We planned on it for later. In the meantime, Paul hung out at the house while I went for a bike ride. Withdrawals I guess. I rolled down to Hermosa Beach, where we had been two nights prior. There were loads of people all over the bike paths to Hermosa, and I enjoyed just casually strolling (unusual for me) amidst the hoards.

When I returned, Mimi had returned from work, and decided to come along to grab some food. We drove back to Hermosa where we met Danielle's friend Triana at a Brazilian restaurant. They were hosting a party there, and told us at the door basically, ‘…well, you can eat here, but the party's in 45 minutes, and we're going to rush you out.' We decided it was fine, and ate there with no problems. Maura's party was not disturbed by our presence.

After our awkward dinner, we went over to the bar where Triana worked for some "discount" drinks. Triana was running a buy one get one special that we didn't see any signs for, and seemed to only apply to us. Odd.

After a couple drinks, and hanging out for a while, we headed back to the Lenglets to regroup. When we got there, we lost any ambition to head back out for the night, as Jeff Foxworthy's sheer charm (dork) was enough to keep us in watching "Are you smarter than a 5th grader". That southern charm will never get old. After that we watched some silly dog show that lasted like three hours. Good old American television. Danielle didn't quite make it for the whole episode. The rest of us retired shortly after she and Shana.

As the next day was the weekend, Mimi promised to make us breakfast the following morning before we left. Good deal.

Life was good.