Day 107, September 2nd 2008, beginning in Westlake Village, California

I got up with everyone before they went off to work. Peter said I don't sleep much because I don't want to miss anything… something his mother use to say to him. Sounds about right. I saw everyone off, and when Paul was ready, we grabbed the truck and headed out.

Our first stop was at Sport's Authority down the street. I was in dire need of some new kicks. Sure enough, I found some cheap sneaks that would fit the bill weighing in at a hefty $23. I'll take it. Now I was ready for Rodeo.

We cruised down towards Pepperdine University which has to be one of the most beautiful campi (tehe) in the nation. We then road the 1 into L.A. and made our way to Rodeo Dr. Some of the highlights were me un-popping the collar on a mannequin, and Paul looking super fly. [PICTURE] On one pair of sunglasses that was on sale a tag read "look good, feel rich… you can always lie about the price tag". It was funny, they would brag about how expensive their stuff is, versus us bragging about what a good deal we got on something. We determined stores for wealthy people were really lame, so we left after a short stint on Rodeo.

We rolled through Hollywood , and up through Beverly Hills to check out some of the mansions. We came to a really nice view of the city at one spot. Gorgeous… beautiful golden fur.

We wanted to beat rush hour, so we headed back to Westlake. We rolled through Bel-air and said hello to Carlton, who is still living with Philip, Vivia, and Hillary. When we got back to the Cegs' house, we decided to make dinner for them. Paul stayed true to the fazzOOL, but we needed ingredients. We went to the grocery store with Shannon to pick up the stuff. She is quite the spazz, and was a lot of fun at the store. She, being a Ceglarski, was able to squeeze into the freezer in the frozen food section, and shut the door behind her. It was hilarious.

We got back and prepared the food. And by we, I mean Paul. Everyone loved the meal. Even Shannon ate her whole serving, and she is known to be extremely picky. Paul done good. We had a nice long dinner, where we chatted about some of Peter and Susan's early days. (nothing to do with anything, just love that picture) Entertaining stuff to say the least. We broke the news to them that we actually intended on leaving the next day, which they were slightly disappointed by, but was likely the right move, or else they might start charging us rent. Baaaaazing.

After insisting that it would be too dangerous to ride down to the coast from their house in the morning, I finally relented to Susan's demand to bring us to the coast. We would leave with her at 9:00 the next morning.

Another night on the couch was nice, and we were going to stay with another family the following day after a very short riding day. Man, soCal was treating us well.

Life was good.