Day 106, September 1st 2008, beginning in Leo Carillo campground, Malibu, California

I got up first again. We had planned on heading back to the Ceglarskis' house late morning or early afternoon. I felt good, and didn't want to "cheat" so I decided to bike it back. They lived, conveniently, on the other side of a mountain from the campground. Paul was perfectly okay with taking a ride in the car, so he did. We broke everything down, and helped pack up. It took a couple hours since they had quite the setup. Peter hugged it out with the tent because he would miss it as it was likely there last camping excursion for a while. I left when we were nearly done to get a head start. I left my bags with them to lighten the load a bit, and headed for the hills.

The ride was quite nice, with hardly any traffic. As it was Malibu, the few cars that passed were worth more than my parents house. I saw a Ferrari, Lamborghini, and the new 6 figure Audi. Nifty, money well spent too. I cruised up the hill fast enough, to fly down the other side and make it to the Cegs house before they got there. Ha, I was hoping I could do it.

When they came home, Paul and I went swimming for a while, and threw all our filthy clothes in the laundry. We hung around until it was time to leave for the Dodgers game. We got the tickets from Susan's work (thanks so much) and Peter decided to man up and come with us. We were fortunate to hit hardly any traffic, rarely ever the case in southern California. We got to the game with plenty of time and made our way over to our seats, on the left field side, in close proximity to "Hollywood Manny".

The game was exciting; we finally made it to a big league park after planning on it in Seattle. Along with tickets came entrance to this restaurant down right field line that gave a great view of the field. We got a massive dessert that was fit for the three of us. Dee-lish.

After the dessert we went back to our original seats to watch the rest of the game. The sun had set, and cast different shades of purple across the horizon. It was amazing. I was among a crowd of others who stopped to take a picture of it as we were exiting the park it was that remarkable.

We got in the car, and headed back to Westlake Village. Peter had offered for us to take his truck the following day to go and checkout some of L.A. since we would only ride the coast going through it. Sounded like a plan.

We got back to their house and relaxed to some TV on a big comfortable couch. We weren't sleeping outside for the first time in many moons. Lovely.

Life was good.