Day 105, August 31st 2008, beginning and ending in Leo Carillo Campground, Malibu, California

The next morning I got up a bit earlier than the rest of our site. We had a long night. As I strolled over to our neighboring campers, I was questioned about the fun we had the night before. I had to defend Peter's honor by insisting we were all in on the noise, which was true to a degree.

When I came back, our site was stirring a bit. We had some bagels and cereal for breakfast. After breakfast Paul and I played with the younger kids (to get them out of their parent's hair for a bit). We played a digging game with the girls, and threw rocks at a tree with the boys. We ended up hurling boulders until our arms were hanging. Ouch.

After that we sought retribution for the punishment we received the previous day in the game of Sequence. We played for a while with Susan and Peter. Peter then had to leave to bring the girls home, so our game was on pause. Too be continued.

In the meantime, we met some more of the typical camping crew and their children. One of Susan's friends Linda stopped in to drop off her son Andy. While she was there she helped feed the addiction and sat in for a game of Sequence in Peter's absence.

Peter returned around dinner time. He and Paul went and picked up a veggie to go with the steaks Susan had. He chose well with green beans, and also got some really soft, big cookies for dessert. Well done. After dinner, you guessed it… more Sequence. Paul and I had caught up and now were leading the series. What an addicting game! Beware.

When we finally put down the board game, we made our way over to one of the other campsite's fire. A kid by the name of Geome we had met earlier (a friend of one of the crew), was playing a guitar. He played and sang a John Mayer song, as well as just strummed some freestyle stuff. I had never heard of it, but he actually had a healthy scholarship at U.S.C for guitar. He had studied classical, as well as contemporary stuff, and was really talented and fun to listen to.

When Geome stopped playing, we returned to the Ceglarski fire. Most everyone was getting ready to go to bed, but Peter, Paul and I were still up. Peter again found it necessary to heat the entire campground so we relaxed at a reasonably safe distance from the blaze.

We would be heading back to the Ceglarski's place the following day, and off to a Dodger's game to see Hollywood Manny. We were looking forward to it, but we were also enjoying the moment as we had not had so much fun camping throughout the entire trip.

Life was good.