Day 43, June 30th, beginning and ending in Boulder, Colorado

Well rested, we got up and I began blogging. Man it's tough keeping up with it, but it's worth it… right?

Danny, Russ's roommate had noticed a problem with the sink. It appeared to be clogged. They spent a while trying to fix it. Danny went out and bought a snake to no avail. Russ didn't want to leave until they had figured out what they were going to do, so I kept on writing occasionally mixing in a guitar hero song.

They had decided a plumber would be necessary and were able to get one for the following day. It was already mid afternoon by that time. We went to get some food at Jimmy John's, a good sandwich place popular out here. There we decided that we would go to Red Rocks to see 311 and Snoop Dogg. Red Rocks is this really cool outdoor concert venue a bit west of Denver that many people had told us we had to see when we were around. It would be a cool experience.

After we ate, we checked out a couple spots for soccer where Russ thought nets might be available. Neither had nets, but we kicked around for a while anyway. We decided we'd play an actual game later, when people were off of work.

After that we again headed back to Russ's where I continued work from earlier. We hung out for a few hours. I had a small snack before we headed back to the soccer fields, this time with 7 people. We started playing around 7, when it started getting cooler; this was a good thing. We played until it got dark, and I couldn't have been happier. I really miss the game. At the end of the game we made plans for tacos at the J & G residence (sick of writing it). Awesome.

We showered up at Russ's (I actually did this time), and headed over. They were cooking up a feast with some guacamole dip, a personal favorite. Man was it good. I thinking cooking for someone is one of the nicest things people can do.

After dinner we played this board game similar to balderdash. One person read a question, and everyone else had to answer the question. The reader then collected all the responses and someone read them to the reader who then had to guess who wrote each. It was a lot of fun, and difficult to play with people you don't know very well.

Once the game was over, everyone headed back to their respective sleeping quarters. We were pretty excited about Red Rocks the next day, but now it was time for sleepy.

Life was good.

7 Replies to “Day 43, June 30th, beginning and ending in Boulder, Colorado”

  1. In answer to your question… Yes, it is. For us & yourself. Not sure how you're tucking the info away for the day when you actually have a chance to write it out, but you're doing a very job & your catching up to a pretty current date, which is another impressive feat. It's good to mix it up, physical challenges, mental challenges ~ fun!

    You may be heading into Wyoming today, if so, pack & be well and, ride safely. Much love to you both from your Ct fans!

  2. Just to let you know, the blog is definitely worth it! We all love reading it every day. It almost feels like we're there! Keep up the good work. Mark is looking forward to Montana next week!

  3. Are you trying to tell me I should start cooking?

    The blog is definitely worth it!!! If creating world peace doesn't work out, you could always be a writer!

  4. A day without a blog? I don't think so! Plus, we can't wait to hear Mark C. stories in Glacier National Park!!!

  5. I just spent like 2 hours catching up on a month's worth of your blogging. I call it a productive day at work. I read them and I feel like I am really there and then I look away from the monitor and realize that I am actually at work and would much rather be on the trip with you guys. Sounds like you guys are making out pretty well and enjoying CO very much – I'm glad to hear it because I will be snowboarding at Copper Mtn. in Mar. 09. I have especially enjoyed the run-ins with the police stories and the defiant attitudes you have. It's not like you're speeding away from the crime scene so its just funny to hear that they are giving you a hard time in some places. Hopefully I will not be reading about any overnights in jail (although it might be nicer to sleep in an actual bed than on the ground in a tent under some early morning sprinkler). Haha – keep up the good work, and I will be looking forward to more blogging.

  6. Meghan has quite the sense of humor (hi Meghan)! Since everyone else said it I guess I will too…the blog is worth it!!!!!! How else are we going to travel along and enjoy the ride?

    Yes, cooking for someone can be a really nice thing to do for someone. So when you come home you can cook me a dinner.
    Just joking!

    Hope you and Paul have even greater experiences ahead.


    mom and dad

  7. Tots (abbrev. for totally…just to keep you updated on the hip current lingo on the east coast) worth it!!!! I might go to coldstone later and get your personal favorite 🙂


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