Day 44, July 1st 2008, beginning and ending in Boulder, Colorado

Russ went golfing early in the morning, well before Paul and I were up. He would be back in time to head out to tailgate at Red Rocks. Paul and I went out for breakfast. On our way back, we picked up some milk since we were gravely indebted to Russ.

When we came back to Russ's, Paul received a phone call that some other friends from home were actually in Boulder. Since we had some time before Russ's return, we went down to meet them on Pearl St., the downtown shopping area of Boulder.

We met up with them and walked around for a bit. We were a bit strapped on time though, so we just got a quick ice cream and said goodbye. They seemed very nice, and were really happy to see "little Pauly" that far from home.

Quickly returning to Russ's, we were anxious to see Red Rocks. We printed out the tickets and hit the road. We picked up some sandwiches and beer and were on our way.

Fortunately we didn't hit hardly any traffic, which had been somewhat of a concern as it was nearly rush hour. We got in with plenty of time to tailgate and see the venue. It was a really beautiful place overlooking Denver.

Being the mischievous, young man I am, I was able to sneak in my camera (along with 85% of the rest of the crowd) to get some interior photos. The show was great. Snoop was entertaining and even slowed it down with a saxophone at one point. 311 came on after Snoop and rocked the Rocks. We enjoyed the concert through the clouds of smoke, which I'm not sure was entirely tobacco.

Red Rocks was a nice way to cap off the Boulder / Denver experience. We somehow beat all the traffic out and made it back to Boulder quickly. We were heading into Fort Collins the next day, and were excited for more new experiences there, while we would cherish the great ones we just had in Boulder. Fort Collins (Fort Fun) was ranked the #1 place to live in America by Money magazine in 2006. I was definitely excited to put it to the test. We rested easily, as we'd make it to the Fort by mid afternoon as it was only 45 miles away.

Life was good.

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  1. Chris & Paul

    About the blog again: keep 'em coming! I love to read about your day ! I am sure there are many people following it regularly ho do not leave a comment for whatever reason! I am sure you both find it upkifting, humorous, comforting to know there are lots of CT fans riding the ride with you both at the end of a grueling day!!

    READERS: I challenge you: leave a comment no matter how mundane! There, I said it. l

  2. Chris and Paul,

    Not up for golf early in the morning? Meeting up with “back home” friends was cool.
    Snoop would not have been my first choice but I don't think John Denver does them anymore (talk about corny). Glad you enjoyed the concert.

    What will be a better record of the exciting trip than your blogs?

    Be safe guys.


    mom and dad

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