Day 29, June 16th 2008, beginning and ending in Oklahoma City again

I awoke to an unfamiliar, furry pug in my face. Squishy was home! Of course it's a happy ending.  Someone had found Squishy and Bryce had picked him up. Shelby and Janie (his biggest fans) could rest easy. The morning was quite stormy, dispelling any trace chance of us leaving that day, to which the Hutchens were glad to enjoy our company for one more day, or so they said.

Adhering to the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" motto, we returned to Jimmy's egg and we all got the exact same thing (I think), except this time Railey and Cooper came with us. Yum.

When we returned to the house, I figured I would try to get some work done so I rolled down the street to Starbucks to get online. They charge for their internet! Whack. Even some Burger Kings have free wifi. Anyway, I did some work for a while like the other cool people you see with laptops at cafes. Paul had plans to make dinner as a thank you for hosting us, so I returned around dinner time.

Priding himself on his guineau abilities, he made some pasta and sausage soup. It was delicious, although he wasn't 100% satisfied with his work. Everyone filled up on his meal, and Shelby Paul and I decided we'd have to top it off with some Jamba Juice, a smoothie making company right down the street. I was excited.   I hadn't had any since Fresno, California a few years ago (check that, maybe once in Boston, not sure).

They were just as lovely as I remembered. Go if you are ever near one.

After Jamba, Shelby had to return a movie at Blockbuster, so we stopped in to check out another. We ended up renting Swingers, a must see early Vince Vaughn Jon Favreau flick. I had explained a lot of the parallels to Paul along the trip, and it was only 99 cents, an easy decision. We again had a late night, as we stayed up watching the movie. We had good laughs, and well fed, were ready for possibly our longest day yet. We were looking at roughly 130 miles to Woodward, Oklahoma.

We could do it.

Everyone rested easily, and Squishy was home.

Life was good.

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  1. They sound like wonderful hosts and that a grand time was had by all. I am so glad that Squishy was found!!!

    Thank you so much for treating our sons as if they were your own!!!

  2. Chris and Paul

    Pedaling today (Thursday, June 26) or continuing to spend part of your 2-week “rest” sightseeing in the state you would both like to call home???

  3. Agreed ~ Good People! When Janie comes to Ct (if you guys are back yet) it'll make for a nice reunion with the Russo's as well.
    While discussing ‘Good People', I want you two to know that four West Babylon classmates (to date) extended themselves with their homes. Two you had already passed in Fla, one you were north of in Plano, Texas & another in California (still a possibility).

    Also, amazingly enough, the Kelly's are going to be in Vale from Fri (t'moro) thru Tues. Mr. K is playing in an Air Force Academy Lacrosse came, any chance you'll be able to see them?

    Enjoy Colorado & riding those mountains… I guess they make our tough little ‘hill' forever ridable (for you two at least)!

  4. I still love the blogs. I just wanted to tell you that I love my biking shirt! I just got back from a 20 mile ride (which is like a trip around the block for you guys.) My friend, Toni, also loved the shirt! Chris, maybe you should consider a career in fashion design! I wear the shirt every time I ride! Thanks!
    Hope the mountains are going well!

  5. Chris and Paul,

    We are so relieved that Squishy is back! Sounds like you have found great hosts again and have made some nice memories again. I am sure Paul's creation was very good even if he didn't think so. It is hard to beat good company, good food and a movie (not sure that was so good!). Tomorrow is my last curriculum day and I can say good-bye to BHS until the fall. Will check in for your blog (to break up the boredom) tomorrow.

    Be safe,


    mom and dad

  6. Helloooo… I didn't think it looked right (oops) Vail.
    Haven't heard from you & know you two are lovin Colorado so, hopefully, you'll read this tonight. The Kelly's offered up their condo for a few days, they'll drive you over & back to Denver if you'd like. They arrive at the Denver airport t'moro around noon. Just let me know if you're interested.

    “Squishy” (too funny) looks exhausted ~ hope he had fun!

  7. See above. Sounds like a plan! Chris, didn't hear from you and we know Colorado is THE PLACE. When you read this tonight, please give us a buzz!!

    Love ya

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