Day 28, June 15th 2008, beginning and ending in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Ahhh, a day off. I naturally got up hours before Paul, so I did some work on the computer. When most of the rest of the house awoke, we came to the realization that Squishy, Shelby's favorite dog, a pug, waas missing. The Hutchens have run into this situation before, and were confident that Squishy would make his way home.

We went to a late breakfast at Jimmy's Egg, their favorite local breakfast spot. If chocolate pancakes are an option, as they were, I look no further. We all filled ourselves up and planned the rest of the day. Paul and I had to make a stop at a local bike shop to get some stuff, and Shelby would have to go into Chili's to work at 4:00.

When we returned to their house, Bryce brought us to the bike shop while running a few errands of his own. I had spoken to John, the owner of the bike shop, the day prior. After dropping Jim Foreman's name, he was willing to meet us on his day off at the shop to help us out. What a guy.

Once we got to the bike shop, John was able to diagnose my issues within seconds, and Paul was able to replace the crappy rear tire we bought in Tallahassee, with a much higher quality one, made right in Oklahoma City. We bought a few more things and John offered us a cold beer out of his fridge while we waited for Bryce to return. I forget the exact name of the beer, but it was brewed in Wisconsin, and I think it was the best I have ever had.

Bryce scooped us up, and we stopped for a beer on the return trip on him. When we arrived back at their house, the family was getting a little more worried as Squishy had not shown up. Fortunately Squishy did have tags on, but sometimes did slip out of his collar. Janie went to the 7-11 down the street to post a missing dog sign. Apparently they have done that on numerous occasions and have also found dogs posted there.

It was approaching time for Shelby to head to work, and nearing dinner time. Tired with her job at Chili's, Shelby decided to call it quits right then, and join us downtown for dinner and a movie. Shortly after that, Bryce's son Cooper was dropped off by his mother. An inquisitive, adorable little boy who looks exactly like Bryce, Cooper was excited to see some new faces in the house.

Shelby's grandmother took Railey, and Janie, Bryce, myself, Paul, Kavon, Shelby, and Cooper headed downtown to a restaurant on a canal. There was a very good saxophonist there playing as we ate right on the water while canal boats drifted by. Cooper was running around living it up on the canal with the ducks

After dinner Janie, Shelby, Paul, and I went to see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". Shelby and Paul had already seen it, vouching for its hilarity. It was very funny, and a little gushy too for the ladies. The whole evening was enjoyable and had sold Paul and I on the charm of Oklahoma City.

It was fairly late by the time we got back. We hung out for a bit and Shelby began getting quite concerned that Squishy was not going to return. Kavon and Shelby went out at around 1:00 in pursuit as the threat of storms was looming. They returned without success, and we hung out for a bit more before everyone retired.

Paul and I had enjoyed the area so much we were considering staying an extra day. We would decide in the morning, but at the moment, it was time for rest.

Life was good.

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  1. Chris,
    You went to a bike shop for a beer? I think breakfast is your favorite meal, especially if they have chocolate pancakes! Eating by the canal must have been very nice.

    Well everyone here is worried about Squishy. I hope Squishy makes it back home. Oklahoma city does look very nice. I hope you guys take an extra day and enjoy it.

    Happy trails,

    love mom and dad

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