Day 30, June 17th 2008, beginning in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Awaking to the alarm extremely tired still, it was a blessing that their was hail in the area. We would have to let the storm pass, snooze. Once it had passed, we said our goodbyes to our gracious hosts and would surely miss the welcoming house, and Oklahoma City in general. Cool place.

We decided to start the day with Jamba Juice with an energy boost (little things they put in the drinks) to keep us rocking all day. We weren't on the road until 11:00 with hopes of covering 130 miles. Taking the advice of the Hutchens, our first stop would be for lunch, some 25 miles away at Eischens Bar.

There they had a very short menu basically fried chicken and fried okra. We got those two things, and not being that hungry from the recent Jamba, had to bring some with us. Our next stop would be another 38 miles in Watonga.

Right before arriving in Watonga, the weather turned for the worse. It made for a pretty miserable ride as there was nothing around, and a cold rain began. We missed most of it as we stopped at yet but another Sonic. Getting ice cream in the cold was a bad choice and both of us had to put on our jackets and pants we became so cold.

As we left, a bit disgruntled with the crappy weather, and uneventful day of just covering miles the weather turned back again. Within minutes it was far too warm for our colder gear, and we had to stop to shed it. The sun made such a difference and gave us a new lease on the day. Moods changed, we pedaled hard and fast, as we would need to, to make it to Woodward by sunset.

Our last stop before Woodward was Seiling. We stopped at a deli gas station there and decided we'd finish up our Eischens chicken and okra from earlier in the day. Someone who was at Eischens the same time we were and recognized us made a comment about us waiting that long to finish it up. Ha, what are the chances. Here we were 100 miles away, in the middle of nowhere. We filled up our waterbottles with some powerade and made a break for the last roughly 30 miles.

We rolled into Woodward as the sun was setting.  As agreed Paul would lead us in.  I had lead the entire day, as we are faster when I am leading, and it wasn't until the odometer read 122.5 miles that I would see Paul's back.

Woodward  was a cool, small town that seem to be sort of a hub for truckers and people passing through. Again, against what we thought we might be able to do with the late start and the weather, we were back in civilization. We found a motel to lay down our heads. We would need the rest because we planned on doing over 100 miles the following day to get us through the less than exciting northwestern Oklahoma and western Kansas. Day 1 of our big week was down.

Life was good.

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  2. Hey chris,

    I am finally out of BHS…..even though you had a late start you achieved your final destination. Always good to be flexible with the weather(late start)!!!! We keep telling how enjoyable it is to read your blogs. I think for me it is almost like riding along with you and I get to experience places I will probably never get to. I am anxious to see when all is said and done which city(s) will be your favorite. Yes, you break more wind than paul (pun…I guess I meant draft.).

    happy trails,

    love mom and dad

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