Day 112, September 7th 2008, beginning in San Clemente, California

When I woke up, I had to go to the bathroom, so I went to the campground community restrooms. Apparently I didn't lock my door too well, because I had a visitor during my relief of duty. Yikes. Paul broke the tent down while I was in the bathroom, and we were nearly ready to roll when I got back.

Once we started biking, it wasn't long before we had entered a military area called Camp Pendleton. There were tanks and planes and whatnot all over. It was a relatively nice ride through the camp as traffic was very light, and the terrain was agreeable.

We exited the camp on the south end and pulled into a town called Oceanside. We stopped there with about 30 miles remaining in our trip. Weird, after all this time. I got a disappointing sandwich at a gas station (is it really disappointing though… I mean, how high could my expectations have been looking back?)

When we left Oceanside, we biked along the beach for a while. We turned slightly inland, and rose up our last hill. When we got to the top, we just passed a woman. On the way down the other side, I was struck from behind again. I was sure Paul was determined to not let us finish the tour unscathed. Paul had a different take on the situation and suggested it was my fault. Being the understanding person I always am, I was surprised even at myself that a smart ass comment, again suggesting it was clearly his fault, came out. Paul then did what he had a few other times on the trip when he was completely incensed with me. I got the silent treatment for about 10 minutes. I only write about this here to point out how very little we squabbled, and how funny it usually was since I have not written about it before, and can count on three fingers the amount of times something like this happened throughout the trip. Good stuff. Agree to disagree buddy. Curious, does anyone know who is at fault in a back-end accident on the road? Ha…. jokes.

Knowing that I was looking for a soccer fields, and hopefully competitors, Paul followed me as I pulled off the road into UCSD campus in La Jolla, just north of San Diego. We were shocked to see no students or anyone around campus, but when we got to the soccer field, it was full. The guys there informed us school wasn't in for another few weeks. Ah… made sense. There were about 15 of us when we got going, and it was a good, skilled game. Lots of fun.

When the game ended, we headed out to finish the last leg of our day, week, month, and trip. After some riding we made a quick stop to get some food at a grocer, while we tried to figure out where we'd stay. We decided to keep biking until I found somewhere I could get online. We pulled up to Mission Beach, past Pacific Beach (which I would later find out to call PB) , where I saw a bunch of hotels. Figuring I could steal someone's internet connection, I stopped on a bench on the beach in front of a group of the hotels. Sure enough, I got on, and was able to get a few numbers of the warmshowers list. Although it was already getting late, I was able to secure us a spot to stay that night with a guy named Luke from the list. A glove save, and a beauty.

Since we were all set, we relaxed along the bike path and waited a while to leave, so that Luke would be home.  We watched some surfers do their thing When we ready to go, we only had a few miles to make it into Ocean Beach , where Luke and friends lived. It only took us a few minutes to cover the final miles of our trip. We rolled into OB swelling with a sense of accomplishment, and to a lesser degree hunger. We pulled up to the house, and I checked the odometer that read 6013 miles. Holy shit.

We met the three guys who lived there, Steve, Cody, and Luke right off the bat. Everyone was really friendly; we knew we were in good hands. Steve began grilling, and a friend Carlos stopped by as well. After we got settled in and showered up, we went to grab beer with Carlos. On the walk, Carlos offered to take us sailing the following day, as he worked on ships in the harbor and had some special privileges. I had never gone before, and was really excited.

We returned with the beer to plenty of good grilled meat and veggies. Some more friends came over. To make things better, they had on demand HBO. That means, Curb Your Enthusiasm, with Larry David, voted the best show on TV by geniuses everywhere. Oh it was great.

We were floating on cloud 34 I think, after having finished one of the most amazing things either of us had ever done. We were among NEW friends, and just enjoying life.

Life was preTTTTTy good.