Day 91, August 17th 2008, beginning and ending in San Francisco, California

Paul and I started off the day at the pork store, this restaurant Matt had suggested the day before for breakfast when the line was too long. A short wait got us in, and it was certainly worth it. It was quite good, it had to be because people were packed like sardines in this little place for their food.

Ryan went to his LSAT prep class to go over the one answer he got wrong (my boy's wicked smaat), so Paul and I headed down to this apparently well known music shop called Amoeba. Sean, one of the guys we had stayed with in Oregon spoke wonders about it. We could see why when we got there. This place was massive, and they had some really amazing deals if you were willing to dig a while for some music.

I ended up buying some R.E.M., classical music, Killers, and Color Me Badd cds for a total of maybe $8 or so. Cool. We were there for a while perusing other possibilities, but eventually ducked out. By that time, Ryan had returned from class. We grabbed some pizza with him for lunch.

When we were done with lunch, Paul and I wanted to do touristy stuff, so Ryan stayed home. We got on the bikes, and headed back to where I was the day before, so that Paul could see it.

We went to Ghirardelli's , and fisherman's wharf. We saw the same kid on the multi-instrument machine I had seen the day before. Must get boring for him doing the same thing everyday. It's a job though, some are much worse.

After that, we headed down to pier 39, a popular tourist area of shops and whatnot out on this pier. We watched sea lions battle for dominance in the best drying spots. This was really entertaining, because they played king of the mountain and playfully kept pushing each other off the platform back into the sea.

Along the way we came across some of those guys who paint themselves silver and act like robots for money. I took a picture of this particularly good one. We kept riding along the embarcadero down towards the financial district and then headed back to the apartment.

When we got back, Ryan took us to this Thai place. I got some dish with yellow curry in it that was absolutely amazing. I recommend yellow curry if you go to Thai, and you like freedom. If not, just get whatever Mccain gets when he eats Thai. Oh a political joke (wow he's versatile).

After the meal we returned to Ryan's and hung out and watched more olympics. Ryan's friend Kimmy called me in regards to my visit to Google the next day. She works there and called to confirm I would be there around noon, and told me to make sure I did not eat for the whole day. I was uber excited, technology and food… what more could I ask for?

Life was good.

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  1. Ghirardelli's two days in a row!! Sea Lions look cool! I didn't realize I was so far behind. You must have cranked a few blogs today!! Saw some silver-painted people in Mexico. They enjoyed scaring people as they came close.


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