Day 90, August 16th 2008, beginning in San Francisco, California

I woke shortly after Ryan left for his exam. His roommate Matt needed help setting up for a yard sale, so I helped him with that. Matt had lived there for a few years and had seen many roommates come and go, often leaving a bunch of stuff. By the time we were done, there was quite an eclectic collection of crap.

When Paul got up, we went to get some breakfast down the street. We ate and when we returned, Matt had already sold off some stuff. He gave us some money to pick up beer, for what I thought would be later. Matt had a different idea. For the next few hours we hung out around the yard sale, which are extremely popular on Saturday mornings in the area, having drinks and meeting all the freaks who wanted this crap. It was fun, but at some point we had to cut Matt off from feeding us drinks. It was hardly noon.

After that whole ordeal, I left on bike to cruise the city, while Paul stuck around the apartment with Matt and Ryan who had just returned from his test. I went to the bay, and traveled along the embarcadero until I hit Ghirardelli Square. If you don't know Ghirardelli, they have amazing chocolate, and at this one they make huge ice cream dessert things. I got one of those and saw some B.C. Eagles as well as Rutgers Scarlet Knight fans. Yippee.

I left there and kept on riding along the bay. I stopped when I saw a crowd forming. This kid from Wichita Kansas was playing guitar, a drum, symbol, and harmonica all at once. He was really quite impressive, and was in great fiscal shape after the show too. Good for him.
Ryan and Paul decided to come out and meet me near Union Square. They got some Philly cheese steaks at a little place as I spectated, still stuffed from Ghirardelli. After that, we went to China town
and sampled a whole bunch of different teas pretending we were seriously considering purchasing each one.

After we were all tead off, we went to the massive Westfield mall. We got some Jamba Juice, and the Paul and Ryan got some cream puffs. We people watched for a bit, since we had decided to go to this BYOB comedy show down the street, and had plenty of time.

We left the mall, picked up some booze, and went to the show. We were pretty early, so we hung in the lobby area, and caught some of the tail end of the previous show. Once we were let in, we were pleased to see they had some brownies made for the guests. Nice. It was also cool that they had 5 different comedians doing short routines. A few of the comedians were people hanging out in the lobby before the show, which was funny, because you never would think looking at them, though their certainly is no mold to how comedians typically look. All of them were quite funny, and the tickets were only $12. It was a really good find by me I must say.

We returned to Ryan's apartment after the show. Ryan stayed in, and Paul and I went to a bar down the street. There we met a girl Anna who had done a bike trip down the coast to Mexico from San Francisco. What are the chances? We talked to her and her friends for a while. Good peeps. We left the bar as it was closing and walked back the 100 feet to Ryan's apartment.

Time for bed, what would San Francisco bring tomorrow, some gentle people? Get it? You're sharp if you do.

Life was good.

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  1. Great pics! Sounds like an interesting day; hope you can remember all the details and share with us when we see you.

    Ride safe! Oops!! See you soon!

  2. Hope Ryan did well on the test….beer before noon!!!! Tead off (or maybe teaed off!!)? Sounds like a cool place to live. You might also run into people with flowers in their hair.

    happy trails

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