Day 73, July 30th 2008, beginning at the intersection of 107 and 101 outside of Montesano, Washington

The Scottish group was gone before I got up, as I woke to the Canadian group getting ready to leave. It was somewhat cold and cloudy which makes it a little harder to get out of the tent in the morning. However, we didn't have rain and there was some sign of sun, so it was a vast improvement from the day before.

Ahead of us was a relatively short day into Oregon, which was a nice way to end the week as we would be taking the next 4 days off. We made a 17 mile stretch over some very annoying hills to our first stop at a cafe in Raymond that had wifi and some outlets to charge out stuff. Perfect. Our waitress explained to me how big their pancakes were suggesting I might not be able to finish to, so we went one at a time. I was able to easily finish off the second one, and we hung out for a bit since we were in no rush. We met another cycling tourist outside who couldn't believe that we were going to make it to Astoria, another 52 miles that day.

Once we finally got back on the bikes we got our first real glimpse of the Pacific. We weren't close enough to get in, but its vast beauty was rewarding from the road. From sea to shining sea. We kept hopping in and out of views of the ocean as we made a 35 mile leg to Naselle. We were getting close to a break and therefore were fairly excited.

Stopping in a motel restaurant, we took one look at the expensive menu and were out the door before our waters came to the table. We went to a market next store where we could save some money instead.

After we filled up there, we mentally prepared for Oregon and got back in the saddle. We cruised uphill for a bit, which made for a nice lookout into Oregon across the Astoria bridge when we crested the top of the hill. Unfortunately, the camera wasn't ready and we began flying downhill.

We traversed the four mile bridge into Oregon. When we rolled into Astoria, we had to figure out where the bus came to head into Portland since we were catching it early the next morning. We stopped at a gas station that had some seating and outlets. Again we could charge our electronics, and get some food in the process.

We sat down near a few mothers with their kids. I inquired as to where we could get away with putting a tent down in town. If all else failed for us, one of the mothers, Cassie, offered her backyard which was right next door to the gas station. Without her knowing, we would look no further, as we also found out that the bus stop was at the mini mart where we were at the time. Things could not have worked at better.

With all the good news we relaxed while our things charged and we people watched all the interesting folks coming in and out of the mini mart. By the time we left the mini mart to go set up the tent, it was fairly late. Cassie lives at the bottom level of a two family home that is fenced in. As we began trespassing, of course the neighbors from upstairs had company that was leaving. There was a very awkward 3 seconds where we sort of stared at one another as I am climbing over their fence with a bike and my belongings. I eventually began explaining myself, and she was relieved as Cassie had mentioned us. "Oh, you're the bikers… at first I was like what the [expletive]" was what she said.

It was all gravy, so we quickly erected the tent. It was nighty night time. Meghan arrives tomorrow! I was very excited, but biking all day every day makes it sometimes easier than normal to fall asleep. It was the longest I had gone without seeing my worse half (; ever, tomorrow would bring a brighter day.

Life was really good.

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  1. From the Atlantic to a view of the Pacific…truly amazing! Sleeping quarters, food, and transportation all in one spot…not bad. Meghan knows who the worse half is!!!!

    enjoy and be safe!

  2. Here is a little something from a classic movie, in case you haven't seen it in a while:

    Janey: You haven't spoken to me in, like, four years Jake.
    Jake: Actually, it's more like six, because the time you're referring to when we were standing in line at that movie theater, I was actually saying “hey” to the person right behind you.

    You are almost to Petaluma….hooray!!! Good luck guys!!!

  3. I think Chris' 71st day blog says it all “I was very excited since I hadn"™t seen her in 73 days.”

    The beauty of America yes …from sea to shining sea.


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