Day 20, June 7th 2008, beginning in Winnsboro, Louisiana

We arose to Bobby's again, for breakfast. ‘ Twas delicious again. We ate outside as we try to do anywhere that has outside eating because every place has their thermostat set to 65 degrees or lower. You think they'd be used to the heat.

Our first stop, becoming our most popular, was McDonalds. We hardly ever eat there, but they can rarely resist two adorable, sweaty faces asking for water. McDonalds have flat panels now, has anyone noticed this? We saw Hillary's resignation (suspension) on one of them, and left (a little happier… just kidding).

Back on the road through some hills we stopped again for some food at a small gas station/deli. There the sole worker, answering phones, cashiering, and making sandwiches, told us that there were springs coming up on our path. Maybe we'd have a chance to see some now.

We left there with high hopes and about 20 to go for our next service stop. We saw a Sonic, one of our favorites, but kept going assuming there would be plenty of stuff in the town coming up, judging by the size of the dot on the map. Wrong. There was a gas station where we got some water at, but that was about it.

There were campgrounds at Farmerville, another 20 from where we were. We headed thataway and travelled over our most challenging hills. Back to back to back to back to back… you get the point. We never found the mythical springs that were allegedly at the top of one of the hills just before Farmerville, but apparently they weren't blue springs, just somewhere you could get natural water for free.

In Farmerville, we stopped at a Walmart, yes civilization at last, and got some lube for our chains, batteries, and Paul got shorts. We got a sonic smoothie (told you it's becoming one of our favorites), and found a nice, inexpensive Mexican (my favorite) restaurant. We filled up there and made it the last 5 miles to the campgrounds.

The campgrounds, D'Arbonne Lake state park, were quite nice, and very spacious. Our site was down a massive hill, and we dreaded the thought of leaving. They had laundry facilities, phew, and a pool. Nice place to spend the following day off. The temperature cooled to a frosty 85 and the humidity dropped all the way down to 90% to make for a comfortable sleep that night. But, we could get up whenever we wanted tomorrow, and they had a pool!

Life was good.