Day 115, September 10th 2008, beginning in San Diego, California

After the late night, I got up a little later than I had hoped. I had to get my money's worth, so I rode back down to Balboa Park. I started with the Natural History Museum . They had a big water theme to many of their exhibits. San Diego is basically in the desert, hence the reason I assume. The exhibit was very informative on water consumption, the cycle, future threats of not enough fresh water, and potential solutions to this soon to be problem.

There were some other cool exhibits that I went to before catching an hour long Planet Earth special on the big screen. It was great. Who doesn't love planet earth? Well I supposed American automobile manufacturers. Baaaazing.

After the show, I headed over to the Zoo. I have been before, but the amazing diversity of animals they have there I'm sure will never cease to amaze me. I saw lions , and tigers , and bears … good golly…. ha, not what you expected eh?  I even timed it well, as the zoo was experimenting with new, exciting, more natural feeding methods for the tigers. The San Diego Zoo is quite large, and requires more than 3 sentences to cover on foot, but that's the beauty of imagination. Use it.

After I finished with the zoo, I walked back to the museums to go to visit the last one I would go to in Balboa. It was a science museum, so I was pretty excited, but a bit disappointed overall. I do remember having a little fun as there was a machine made tornado that was in the open air that people could disrupt and watch it reform.

I left the science museum and was feeling a little tired. There was an outdoor amphitheater with some benches that I rode over to. I laid out on one of the beaches in the nice warm sun and rested for a little while. Yep… I was an official bum. It felt great!

Once I was restored from the rest and vitamin D, I biked back to Saul's. We had made plans to have lobster tacos down at a restaurant near this farmer's market. I got back first, and then Saul returned from work on his bike. No shower required (my kind of guy), and we were off. The restaurant was right down the street. The lobster tacos were very good.

After the tacos we walked around the farmer's market. There was a lot of good stuff, from food to crafts. I guess that would make it more than a farmer's market. Anyway, there were tons of people out, which made it fun to pretend we were thinking about buying stuff.

We went back to Saul's place after and relaxed. Saul was early to bed, as he had to get up at some ungodly hour for work in the morning. We put on some movies on my computer since he didn't have a tv there. We started with Donnie Darko, a personal favorite, and ended with Boiler room… which I didn't quite make it to the en….

Life was good