Day 76, August 2nd 2008, beginning in Eugene, Oregon

When we got up we began making plans for the day. We had a few options: vineyard, hot springs, or rock slides.  We figured we'd stay in town with friends instead of heading back to Portland to do touristy stuff. The Oregonians claimed it was the first time that they hadn't had sun the entire summer, and since it was a bit cloudy, we opted for the hot springs. To prepare us for a relaxing day, Joel and Mandy cooked up an absolute feast for breakfast (my favorite meal). This was no joke, but perhaps a bit much for us on a non riding day. Who was going to turn down this smorgasbord though?

Needless to say (although I am saying it… sort of a weird saying don't you think?) we were all a bit sluggish getting out of there. It didn't help that I noticed that Joel had a modified Game Cube (Nintendo system) either. He had basically every game from Sega and Super Nintendo. Of course that meant Super Punch Out was going in. I disregarded the sharing lessons I learned as a youngster and hogged the game for a while until Bald Bull and Piston Hurricane were too much for me to handle. Oh sweet nostalgia.

Once I finally put the steaming controller down and was dragged out the door, we were on our way to the hot springs. It was about an hour ride through some nice country to get there. The weather had changed, and it turned out to be a beautiful day from then on.

When we arrived at the parking area to the springs, we noticed many a hippy, not uncommon to all of Oregon. When we got to the pathway to the springs, Joel ended up paying for everyone's entry. What a guy.

It was a quick walk to the springs, which by the way Burns we definitely didn't need sneakers, and we were there. The springs were definitely a "loose" environment to phrase it delicately. Most people had no clothing on, and many were WELL past their prime shall we say. That was expected there, and I imagine it is much like a nude beach in Europe or whatever. It really wasn't that weird, and fairly comfortable. The springs were amazing, and quite hot up near the top which was the only pool available when we got there.

We spent a long time soaking in the springs, they were very relaxing. We of course posed for some pictures, being careful not to accidentally capture any wandering family jewels.

After the springs we headed back to the car. Before we got back however, the lake looked too good to not go in. The water was cool, but not too cold. Mandy, Joel, and Burns swam to a waterfall pretty far away, while Paul, Meghan, and I relaxed in the crystal clear water. When we arrived back at the parking lot, we saw the same hippies we did on the way in. Meghan, never afraid to ask anything, inquired of the young child, who was CLEARLY not in any conventional school, what grade he was in. As we all grimaced, he responded that he wasn't sure but knew he was home schooled and was 9 years old. Oh Meghan, what won't she say?

Once we were done frolicking, we got back in the cars and headed back. We stopped for a snack on the way back to Joel's place where there was a roast waiting for us. We got a quick walking tour of the campus, and stopped at the campus shop where Meghan got some paraphernalia and Paul picked up a tank top for some California riding. We also saw the famous track at the school where many famous Ducks have run in the past. It has been rebuilt but I believe Prefontaine ran there before, although those in the know say he wasn't really all THAT.

The girls went to Mandy's to do girl stuff I guess, and we headed back to Joel's where the food resided. Once they came back, we all ate some of the delicious roast that was stewing with peppers, onions, and potatoes. Damn, these runners know how to eat.

Not in a particularly party-hardy move, we decided to go see a movie after dinner. The theaters were actually fairly cheap there, tickets were something like $6.50 for students. Wall-E was the decision for the movie. I was excited… I heard good things.

When we got there, Meghan ended up paying for everyone, except Burns who had already bought his ticket. HA. After paying for everyone, Meghan ended up being the only one who didn't thoroughly enjoy it. Actually, to quote her Meghan said, "… that movie was beat." Classic. I think we all convinced her she should have liked it more after. I think she resists the nerdy, technology stuff and prefers fluffy bunnies.

After the movie, we went to McMenamins , a popular chain of breweries throughout Oregon which was actually suggested to me from a former couchsurfer in Montana (thanks Ted). They actually had happy hour on Saturday night, so we lucked out with some really cheap appetizers. We also all, besides Mandy, got their beer milkshakes. Joel and Burns never had them since they got to Oregon a year ago, and they are both heading back east shortly. They took a while to make, but they were well worth the wait.

After our fill at the restaurant, we went back to crash again at Joel's. It was another great day, and we were glad we had stayed the extra day with friends instead of going back to Portland. However, that did mean we'd have to get up and get going early to get Meghan back to the airport.

Eugene was a great stop for us, especially having Meghan with us, and in such great company with our hosts. It was a place I wouldn't mind having stayed for a few weeks for sure, but the tour must go on. Thanks guys.

Life was good.

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  1. i can totally picture meghan saying ‘that movie was beat.' I just asked her about it and she was like, ‘it was!' otherwise, the breakfast looked delish and those springs looked fun!

  2. It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I am glad it is your favorite (next to lunch and dinner and midnight snack!). Hot springs sounds very relaxing and the picture of the lake is awesome.

    Happy trails…

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