Day 26, June 13th 2008, beginning in McGee Creek State Park, Oklahoma

Started the day off with a half gallon of milk and a box of cheerios at the convenience store. It was gone in no time, emmmm. We talked for a while and said goodbye to the nice folks who let us stay on their land for free, and continued on our way into Atoka, OK. With some help from the Ceglarski's back home (thanks), we would be picking up our jerseys at the post office in Atoka. We located the post office with no problem where our jerseys were anxiously awaiting the arrival of two sweaty men to slip into them. Wish granted. The jerseys look amazing. I think Paul was even more excited than I to put them on. So vibrant. We swapped out a bunch of the stuff we were riding with for the new stuff, and came at a net loss in weight. This will be quite helpful for the upcoming Rocky mountains.

After donning the new gear, we decided to show off at a local Italian restaurant. Paul and I both got the same thing, as we do nearly everywhere (even though we both eat pretty much anything) and of course ate everything in sight.

With full stomachs, we headed toward Coalgate. With one Sonic boost (smoothie), we were charged up enough to make it another 35 miles to our destination for the day, Ada.

Ada was definitely the most developed town we had come across after having been in Oklahoma. There were many options for hotels, and places to eat. We ended up staying at a best western, although more expensive, it came with a buffet breakfast. We'd be sure to get our money's worth. The pool and internet didn't hurt either.

Heeding our eternally hungry stomachs advice, we sought food. After a bit of scanning we landed at yet another Italian place. A nice pasta dinner would make for a good choice the day before our last day of riding for the week. Again delicious, again spotless plate.

Again an early retreat back to the motel to relax for the rest of the day. I went swimming for a bit, and did some writing while Paul watched some TV. Both eager to gorge on the buffet the following morning, we fell asleep with smiles on our faces, stomachs churning in preparation.

Life was good.