Day 23, June 10th 2008, beginning in Bradley, Arkansas

Since we were up screwing around until after 1:00 the night before, we had gotten a late start. Breakfast in the town we were in, Bradley, was nice and inexpensive. We were on the road at 10:00 and wouldn't stop until we got to Hope, 40 miles away. It was by far the coolest day we had yet as it must have been low 70's in the morning when we started. Probably the cold front responsible for the tornado warnings.
Once in Hope, we wanted to get something small, since we were still somewhat full from our breakfast. They had personal pizzas at a gas station we stopped at, and we figured those would do. We also were both craving milk, and they had a good sized bottle in between a half gallon and a pint so we went for it. As Paul was drinking his first sip, he said "UH uh", but it was too late. We both spit it back in our cups, as the milk was old and bad. One of the attendants mentioned that buttermilk always tasted bad to her, and that we could get another. The second one, with a much later expiration date still tasted awful. I guess we didn't really know what to expect from buttermilk, so if you're ever considering it…. don't. We ended up going with whole milk. So creamy, yum.
With the late start, we decided to make it to a campground another 30 miles or so. We made one more stop in between, and rolled into Lake Milwood state park, about 25 miles from the Oklahoma border.
The park had a nice lake on it, and was quite spacious. There was hardly anyone there. The food thing was again a concern, but we did have peanut butter and bread. They had a small shop on a marina where we were able to get drinks and refill on peanut butter.
Not having gone very far (around 70-75 miles), and the cooler weather made for a relaxing evening camping. We wrote some things down, and called it a night. We would be in another new state tomorrow, Oklahoma "…where the wind comes sweeping down the plain" (hopefully east to west). Exciting.
Life was good.

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  1. Chris, you sound like our daughter. She tells us all the time she doesn't know how we can get close enough to buttermilk to drink it. Ha! You just needed some cornbread crumbled up in it with some green onion chipped up in it. Yum, yum!

    Jack got a kick out of your picture next to the fire truck in Bradley, Ark. We didn't tell you, but, Jack retired in 1990 after 25 years in the Ruston Fire Dept. He also served as a crash crew fireman while in the U.S. Airforce in his younger days.

    Be safe, and we're continuing to pray for you both.

    Jack & Betty

  2. Chris,

    I am commenting backward (instead of paying forward), I will be out of school soon and I will be able to keep up. Why would you want to drink buttermilk!!!!!!!!!!! An east to west wind is great for you guys as long as it is the southern end of a high pressure system (and not the northern end of a low pressure system!).

    Watch the weather!! You probably are aware the “rocky mountain high” guy is way up in the sky!!!! Enjoy Arkansas. It is still weird communicating with your past!

    Happy trails to you.


    Dad and mom (switched the order)

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