Day 17 (June 4th 2008)

We slept in again after the draining day, and again, both of our hosts had to work. Instead of being a burden on them, and also with the thought of sleeping in a nice bed for our upcoming day, we found a motel in the french quarter, and headed over there.

Shortly after our arrival we picked up some breakfast at a place down the street. Bicycle theft and crime in general is a major problem in New Orleans, so we ensured we were able to see the bikes from where we sat.

After breakfast, we headed back to the motel. The motel had wireless and we used the internet access to figure out where to travel in our ensuing three days.

By the time we were done with all that we had to check out the world famous Bourbon St. Things didn't work out with Allison, she had been sick that day, so Paul and I went on our own to check it out. We planned to eat there, but once again were greeted with reality, our budget, and capitalism, so we got a $2.00 beer instead. Wait a minute… something is missing. I forgot my damn camera. Are you serious… ugghh. Bourbon St. of all places.

I was pretty upset, and repeatedly cursing myself. I dropped a few self inflicted “f bombs” and it takes a lot to get a “fiddlesticks” out of me. What could we do? Nada, let it slide. Shortly after that realization, we witnessed the best break dancers I had ever seen. These guys were amazing, and quite comical too. I'd say check out the pics… but…. yeah.

The streets were also littered with those motionless guys that paint their bodies in silver. Some were much better than others. Sex was evident in pretty much every direction. If you've never been, you wouldn't believe some of the stuff they get away with on that street. Wild. I cannot fathom Mardi Gras. Although brief, I feel like we got the best Bourbon St. experience we could expect on a typical Wednesday evening.

After retiring back to the motel, we were once again comforted with playoff hockey. While trying to transfer photos to my computer from previous days when I hadn't forgotten my camera, I apparently deleted a necessary file. The memory card was wiped. I lost about 4 days worth of photos… pretty disappointing. To add to that the Red Wings would win the game and Stanley Cup. Those young Penguins proved a lot this year though. Is hockey not dead? We were, so we slept like rocks in the motel in preparation for another long day of riding, with the challenge of getting out of New Orleans safely. Visions of sugarplums danced in our heads.

Life was good.

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  1. Its really great to keep up with your travels through the website and refreshing to hear you're meeting friendly, hospitable people.

    I wish you both the best of luck and keep up the updates. I'm doing my best to spread the word on your intentions.

    Have a blast.

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