Day 10

After breakfast at the Cypress Inn diner, we headed out, a little before 8.  The morning was surprisingly cool, almost cold we both said.  Not sure what the exact temperature was, but we weren't used to anything below 70 for the past few weeks  We eventually warmed up as the sun caught up, but it was quite surprising, and nice.

Paul and I had a long day ahead of us.  To pass the time, I decided that we would recite, to the best of our ability, Dumb and Dumber, from start to finish.  Boy was that fun  The miles just seemed to go as we laughed thinking about all of the great parts of the movie.  Before we knew it we had covered 45 miles, and still had some of the movie to go.

We made our first stop in Perry, one of the only towns in between Tallahassee. our destination that night, and Cross City.  We stopped at McDonalds just to get some sweet tea.  One dollar will get you unlimited sweet tea  Unlimited seems like a good thing when you're really thirsty and on a bike, but they put a lot of sugar in that SWEET tea.  About a mile down the road after McDonald's we had to stop.  The sweet tea wanted to come back out.  It took me every once of concentration to keep it down, but I was able to.  Everything is good in moderation, a lesson reinforced but the super sweet tea.

We stopped at a gas station right before leaving town to get a plastic knife to spread our peanut butter on the bread we bought the day before.  We ended up talking to one of the attendant's for about an hour about god knows what.  People are just friendly and interested in what you're doing, and willing to talk to strangers  Imagine that New England?  It ended up being a nice rest, and we headed out to cover some more miles of our long day.

We finished up dumb and dumber along the next miles, truly impressed with ourselves and our ability to follow the whole movie.  Our next stop was a small place that made their own Pecan brittle, which was apparently a big thing in the area as we saw a few very similar places.  They had free samples that were delicious, but we didn't end up buying any  We had had enough sugar for the week.  There we met people who noticed our bikes and wished us luck on our journey.  Someone said she would pray for us!  A complete stranger, how cool.  We decided we should start keeping track of how many people wish us luck, and tell us to be safe.  It's a nice feeling.

After this stop we started encountering some challenging hills for the rest of our ride into Tallahassee.  You wouldn't think it, but as one of our hosts sons mentioned, Tallahassee is considered the foothills of the Appalachian.  With only one more stop, it did not make for an easy finish to a long day  We did eventually make it in, accidentally biking down a dirt road (which our host Gene had warned us about).  The sun was still up upon our arrival.

Gene and his family were great hosts again.  2 for 2.  We were greeted outside by Gene and 2 of the 3 boys that lived at the house  They were all very nice, and interested in what we were doing.  The Floyd's are getting prepared to go on their trip starting at the end of the week, and he has a site as well.  I'll tell you that internet…. Oddly enough their trip will bring them right past my house in Connecticut, and maybe they'll get to meet my family.

The Floyds fed us well (great dinner), and allowed us to do our laundry too.  We were allowed to bring our bikes inside the house to keep them safe, while theirs remained outside.  A truly selfless act, but nothing new for Gene who has done much volunteering in the past including emergency aid throughout New Orleans and Mississippi after hurricane Katrina.

Just like the Speary's, Gene especially was interested in our trip, and spent a good amount of time helping us plan ahead, pointing out good places to go.  Finding the warmshowers list was such a blessing.  I can't imagine the trip without the two experiences we've had staying in complete strangers' houses so far.

Again Paul and I were well fed and had a nice place to sleep to prepare us for the next day.

Life was good.

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  1. damn it has started for real. nice to hear about all the nice strangers who let you in and wish you luck. this has inspired me more to come meet you out somewhere, hopefully all works out. anyways keep it up men and i hope you continue to meet such nice people along the way. peace

  2. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the latest updates. We've been wondering how you've been doing and now we know.

    You didn't mention the tailwinds, but we know you've had them. We've been keeping track of the weather and see you've been pushed along the past couple of days. Sure makes the miles go by easier. We hope they keep up for you.

    Glad to hear you picked up some peanut butter and bread. It'll sure come in handy, especially through the rural areas ahead of you.

    Keep up the great work! We're back home cheering you on. BTW, the map thing is great. We keep checking during the day to follow your progress. Makes it like we're right there with you.

    Gary & Carol

  3. Chris and Paul

    Just wanted to let you both know that we're with you all day every day!!!!!

    BE SAFE!!


    mom & dad

  4. Chris!! Your friends (the Floyd's) are going to my town!! They'll be in Maplewood, that's hilarious. Tell them to eat at Bagel Chateau and Trattoria (so good). Anyway, hope you guys are being careful and having a blast!! Perhaps you could do me a favor and write some more blogs so I actually have something to do at work, haha. Good luck guys!!!

  5. Chris & Paul,

    When you guys stayed with us we talked about the idea of Paying It Forward. Since that time you'd be amazed how many times the topic has come up. The most recent event was today when the mail arrived. We received a package in a plain brown wrapper with no message that had a note on the back. It said “Pay It Forward.” Inside was a copy of the movie. Now we'll be able to see for ourselves how this “thing” got started.

    Are you guys responsible for this? It made our day!!!

    Gary & Carol

  6. Whats up fellas! Hope all is good along your journey, it looks like you making good timing. Im keeping up with your posting, seems like its been an interesting trip so far. Well good luck on the rest of your trip and be safe.

  7. Actually laughed out loud at work about holding down the sweet tea. funny stuff. glad to hear the trip is going well

  8. Sweet Tea…great story. After reading that, I had to try it out. The stuff if pretty good and pretty much what I expected. Although I'm sure it all comes from the same place, something tells me that the people running the McDonald's in the southern locations make it a little bit better than in Plainville, CT. Anyway, although it was delicious, it probably would be the worst thing to drink while exercising. I could understand how it wouldn't sit right the Tour de Florida. Lance would have puked — he's got nothing on you. Tell me where I'm wrong. Take care. Stay safe.

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