And so the journey begins…

Last night in CT for quite some time.  I am anxiously awaiting what lies ahead, but will surely miss those who have made the past… well month really… a special one for me.  For those of you who aren't exactly sure what the hell it is I'm doing, or why I'm doing it… I am riding my bike across/around the country this summer  As for the second part, I'll tell you when I find out.

In reality the reason is two-fold.  One I am trying to “spread the word” about the website I am working on, but I also just felt like doing it.  You can track my progress on the home page (for now) thanks to Mark Addesso, and will hopefully have a super alpha version of the site up soon enough for people to check out. It will be a continuous work in progress and I would appreciate any input people may have (good or bad) once it's up  Please write to me at with your thoughts and I will make sure my many assistants finds time to look through it.

As a final note, to those who haven't heard yet, I acquired a free-agent fresh off the employment market in a late season blockbuster move.  Paul Yovino, a fellow UConn grad/hockey player will be joining me for the first two months of the trip.  It should make for a hell of a time, and more restful nights for my family and Meghan.

Much love to those back home… and let me know what part of the country you want to see.  Don't forget your bike!

Haven't thought of a cool tag line yet, but when I do…..

– Chris

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  1. Chris- I have officially started your tracking. how cool! I hope the keys are treating you and Paul well and that you are having the time of your life (maybe that will come soon, but you know… have fun!)!
    Scary Mary

  2. Chris (and Paul),
    I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to check in on your daily progress. Good luck, good weather, and be safe.

  3. Hola Chris! Good luck to you as you start this amazing journey. I am looking forward to tracking your progress. Your presence is surely missed here at dLife. Take care.
    Zen =)

  4. Hey Chris I hope your trip is going well. We're all looking foward to your return!! Have a safe and fun journey.


  5. Chris and Paul (not sure if I know you but I think you also deserve credit for making the trip) – I'm so jealous of you guys. Looks like you're making some pretty good progress so far. Those bridges from key to key must have been some amazing sights – and camping out in the everglades is no joke. Hope everything's going well so far. Stay well nourished, but most of all enjoy the trip! You guys are going to see some amazing sights and I know how motivated you are Chris but definitely stop to enjoy it once in a while. Be safe.

  6. Hey Paul & Chris ~ Hi,

    I am truly impressed & amazed how you put this together physically & mentally with less time than it took me to accept it. It has helped to be able to watch the traveling (all day 🙂 & read about your journey ~ this I'm lovin. Seems like you're both doin ‘so well' so really, I'm thrilled!

    As I mentioned, I'll be calling out to some friends & Classmates from WB who may be in your path. In the meantime, be sure to pack some nourishment & keep track of weather conditions across the country, please.

    I'm looking forward to seeing some good pictures & I agree, stop where you're able to enjoy the view…
    Be safe & well & enjoy the ride ~ I'm with you all day, each day!

    Ny ~ xoxo

  7. Just wanted you to know we are watching you everyday and all the progress you are making – we all wish you well – take good care – we all miss you!

  8. im suprised u didnt pack up and fly home after seeing the 4×4 camaro……some people from the north cant handle stuff like that. Im digging the pics though…..keep em comin. How the hell did u drag little paulie yovino into this trip and why didnt u tell me befor chris!!? Good Luck guys!!! Be safe!!

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